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CT - Frederika by yami-izumi CT - Frederika by yami-izumi

Job: Onion Knight
Race: Gria
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 157cm/5'2"
Birthday: May 27

Rank: Brigadier

Character Traits:

Passionate | Committed | Hot-blooded || Easily-bored | Impulsive | Restless

- meeting new people
- trying new stuff
- everything about machines
- fruity dessert
- pastel colors


- boredom
- close-minded people
- crude jokes
- bitter food/drinks
- red paprika

damphyr Background

Frederika was a weird kid among children her age for liking machines and talking about them frequently. She would doodle chunks of metal with pipes and gears sticking out in random places whenever she had a free time at school, which earned her the 'paprika head' nickname. Red on the outside, empty on the inside; since her brain kept daydreaming away to find crazy ideas. The nickname developed into 'Rika' somehow-- which was less mocking-- but she didn't really like it still. Sadly Frederika didn't make it into engineering school due to her family's financial issue, so she applied for military training instead. Good thing that she's surprisingly a genius in swordmanship and managed to climb up pretty fast in her career one year after the Battle of Antimore. 

As the current youngest Brigandier, Frederika has been restlessly taking missions which deploy her to everywhere in Varlandia. Sometimes she gets a letter from her parents reminding her to visit home once in a while but those mostly get neglected anyway, and her mother would give her a nice ear pinch everytime she shows up. Her small village is nice but Frederika knows she's meant for a bigger purpose.

Her dreams in engineering came true when the kingdom chose her to lead the first railway construction which expands from Agaresh to Bartelo through Ilazul. Frederika's interest in machinery helped her gain the job, in which she'll reply with the utmost dedication. Thus a trio which consists of her, an Aegyl engineer, and a newly-discovered Guado race's alchemist was formed to bring the first mass-transportation vehicle alive and kicking.

damphyr Chocobo Relation

With her first salary as a soldier back then, Frederika bought herself a young male chocobo and replaced the borrowed one with him. Crochodile, her friendly yellow steed is always there to support her! 

damphyr Guild Relation

She is under the Royal Crest, currently taking orders directly from the Queen and King. 

damphyr Trivia
- Due to being bullied as a kid, she kinda hates her nickname 'Rika' since it's originally shortened from 'paprika'. Though she can learn to be indifferent about it if it's being used in friendly manner.
- Her father's job is fixing and tinkering with machinary in their village, which are mostly just old clocks or windmills. He isn't genius enough to make a big name out of his ideas, but his works did inspire Frederika to try for engineering school.
- She is expected to gain a promotion to a general if this project goes smoothly, and that she'll also take care of the remaining railway constuctions throughout Varlandia.

Note: paprika = bell pepper

Frederika (c) me yami-izumi 
Final Fantasy and Onion Knight initial design (c) SquareEnix
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Arthas972 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Did the Onion Knight idea come from King's Knight?  A lot of the jobs from Final Fantasy originated from that game or were inspired by it.  King's Knight even had a literal 'Dragon Knight' in it, a cute little guy called Barusa.
yami-izumi Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
Ah no, since this character is made for a final fantasy-inspired roleplaying group, the Onion Knight job originated from the FF series itself~
Arthas972 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It's a shame King's Knight took 20 years to get the recognition it deserved when Square Enix decided to make a remake of it - and another 10 to get a direct reference in a Final Fantasy game.
yami-izumi Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017
it's a very old game and only a part of the world was able to get the access to the original King's Knight at that time, and maybe even now. Like me, I've never heard of the game since it's made before I was born and so far I know, it had no follow-up sequels like Chrono series and of course, the super famous FF series. So I think the word 'shame' you said above isn't right, and 'thankfully' would be a better choice of word, for a game one hardly knows to be included in one of current most famous MMORPG, FF XIV. So yeah summary, don't get bitter on FF series or Square Enix itself for not making King's Knight as famous as it deserves.
Arthas972 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
The job system in Final Fantasy was obviously based on that game, they even had a literal 'Dragon Knight' called a Gigant.
yami-izumi Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017
So...what's the issue then? Both games came from the same developer so I cannot understand your bitterness towards this matter.
Arthas972 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
The problem is that everyone praised Final Fantasy and ignored King's Knight :P
yami-izumi Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017
Sadly it's just your problem, not everyone else's :)
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chocominty Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Hobbyist
omg her pink outfit is so cute 
yami-izumi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017
ikr I like it also////
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